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Organic grass fed beef, is quite literally a taste from another planet for most people, who are used to buying their meats from shopping centers or even from local butchers. The difference is like night and day from buying local organic grass fed beef and beef that is shipped around the country. Many people might not know this but everything that is shipped nationally and internationally is Irradiated ( for our safety....NOT) which will make the meat tougher and taste differently. I recently bought steak tips from my favorite butcher who I have been buying from for years mostly for their marinade. I also bought some local grass fed steak tips, The results were unbelievable and undeniable I cooked them together, the steak tips from my regular butcher was very chewy and the steak tips from the grass fed organic beef was tender and delicious and every single chew, my teeth would go through the organic grass fed beef like a hot knife through butter.

Finding cheap organic food in the cities is not an easy feat, you have your wholesale organic feed companies, that get their organic grass fed beef from organic food suppliers, and offer cheap organic food.

Buying the organic grass fed beef from wholesale organic food companies means the organic grass fed meat has likely been shipped across country and also been irradiated. So how do you go about finding organic grass fed beef from organic food suppliers that isn't irradiated? Find local farmers who raise their own grass fed organic beef, cut out the organic food suppliers, and the wholesale organic food companies. Buy your Organic grass fed beef right from local farmers.

Some of the advantages of organic grass fed meats from local farmers, is that you can go and see the bison, cow, Angus beef, steer, or bull, and see how it lives, "A happy cow makes Happy meat”

This is more true then the average American knows, the fact is that when animals live in stressful environments it causes them to release a hormone that ends up making the meat taste, well like store bought meat. When the animals are allowed to roam free and eat the grass naturally, then it makes the meat taste incredible. They use organic pest control and organic pesticides.

You don't have to take my word for it, search for a local farmer and go taste the difference yourself.

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My name is Mooo, I love being able to roam and eat grass and let the sun warm my tender juicy meat. I am all natural the curtains match the drapes 100% organic mooolicious meats




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