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Find local farmers and farm related businesses, you can also list your grass fed organic meat and or vegetable farm, or farm related business for free, anywhere in the united states. This site was built for the grass fed organic farmer to be able to get his grass fed organic beef and organic pork and organically grown vegetables, into the hands of local consumers,

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eliminating the need for big shopping stores to stock non organic meats that come from cow factories or unethically maintained breeding plants, since thats how big business makes money.
There are thousands of small farms and farmers across the country that deserve our business directly. This website is hopefully the first step to connecting the consumer with the  Organic Farmer.
Organic grass fed beef
I hope farmers spread the word and get as many local farms, farmers and agricultural services listed whether you offer local fresh eggs, vegetables, fruits,grass fed beef, pork, feed, building supplies, butchers, land development and maintenance services we will list your farm or service and drive local traffic to you.
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